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The key to the perfect cheeseburger is Clonakilty Black Pudding! This bleeker street style cheeseburger combines an array of delicious flavours. A brilliant weekend treat with all the toppings.


1 brioche bun

150 – 200g beef mince, rolled into a paddy and

seasoned well with salt and pepper both sides

1 slice of cheddar cheese

Baby kale or dark green lettuce

1 x 1cm slice Clonakilty Black Pudding

Thinly sliced red onion


Pickled Beetroot:

Thin slices or shredded fresh beetroot tossed

in 1 part white vinegar 1 part olive oil for

30 minutes or overnight until a little tender

For the Burger Sauce:

½ cup mayonnaise

2 tbsp tomato sauce

2 tbsp mustard – American

1 tsp finely diced mild onion like spring onions,

red onion or preferably red shallots, patted dry

A good pinch garlic powder

¼ tsp white vinegar

2 tbsp Fresh dill

Hot sauce to taste salt and pepper


  1. Prepare the Clonakilty Black Pudding – in a small pan, add a little olive oil, over medium heat fry one side of the disc for 2 minutes until browned, then flip over and with a flat spatula squash the disc down into a large flat one, and cook 1 minute remove from heat.
  2. Slice the brioche bun – bring a fry pan to medium heat and without any oil dry fry the cut sides of the bun until golden and toasted. Remove from heat.
  3. Bring the pan to a medium to hot heat – add some oil, dry the beef patty to your liking and if you would like the cheese melted place on top of the patty in final minute of cooking time.
  4. Place the Burger patty with cheese on the bottom bun, the Clonakilty Black Pudding patty on top, the sauce poured over and layer the beetroot, onion, salad as you like!

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